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"One of the best things about watching live comedy is seeing a comedian get his second wind of inspiration.  Sometimes an established comic suddenly finds something extra, and one of these comics is John Moloney.  He's been a headliner at top clubs like the Comedy Store for years - yet his comedy has acquired more depth, as well as an even sharper edge.  "

William Cook - The Guardian.

"A deeply enjoyable, hilarious evening relaxing in the sure hands of a total professional." ***** by John Christopher Wood Click here for a stunning 5 Star Review of John's new show.



"John Moloney is one of the most creative and professional comedians I have had the pleasure to work with - quick off the mark - John will have had the audience laughing three times in the time that it takes any other comedian to say 'hello'... 


...The comedy scene would be a poorer place without him. 


John is a firm favourite of the Comedy Store - and a firm favourite of mine"



Don Ward - The Comedy Store

John Moloney has been a professional comedian for over twenty-five years, and has entertained audiences across the globe with his crafted, intelligent and original stand-up routines.

Winner of the Best Live Performer award for two years running at the London Comedy Festival, John has become one of Britain's most in-demand comedians.

John was also delighted to be nominated as 'Best Live Stand-Up' at the British Comedy Awards – but was even happier to be the WINNER in the Category "Outstanding Contribution to UK Comedy" in 2015.

John's Radio 4 Show " The John Moloney Show " was Pick of the Year on the BBC in 2016, and has been re-commissioned in 2017.

John is highly sought-after on the Corporate Circuit, and has developed a relationship with many blue-chip clients, who use his services at their events and conferences year after year.

Secondly - on the corporate page it says please contact Triona Adams at Chris Davis Management - can you change this to " please contact Chris Davis at Chris Davis Management..."